Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Confession: I Like Chocolate For Breakfast

As demonstrated previously, I believe one should start the day off with indulgence and dance it off later. I know that I'm not as exciting as Fire Crotch, but I try.

Now that we understand each other, there are two ways I've been kicking it right these a.m.s. Witness:

Heavenly Chocolate Bear Naked Granola

The latest flavor from all natural granola company Bear Naked is low in sugar but kicks in enough smart carbs and fiber to get you going. It's a crunchier version of Cocoa Krispies that will pretty much chocolify your soy milk. Baby, I know you like that. $4.99, Super Fresh or Whole Foods.

Tofu Chocolate Knishes

These are a little tough to find considering I know of one place that stocks them sparingly. If you happen to be at Essene on a Friday morning, and I haven't already snagged the last one, maybe it's your day. If not, there are usually apple, cranberry, blueberry, spinach, or broccoli varieties. They taste like not-too-sweet danishes, are high pro, and usually stick with me through the daily blogging/jaunting off to class process. $2.19 each, Essene.

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