Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sippin' On Some Kale Sizzzzurp

You're going to get it this weekend, right? Then spend Thursday treating your body like a baby or a gummy-mouthed, cardiganed 89-yo man, your choice.

Kale Smoothie

Let me just swear by this. Yes, I know what color it is. If Popeye was still around, he'd be vegan, and he'd switch from spinach to kale even if it meant putting down his peace pipe for a sec. Knock one back at the Satellite Cafe, 701 S. 50th St. and then tell me you don't like veggies.

G.O.A.T Snacks

Muhammed Ali is really old now, but his health snack line comes in space-aged super-meta packaging aimed at college kids, so who's the winner here? His nutritious eats even sound tech-savvy with names like Rumble (fruit bars), Shuffle (vitamin energy crunch), and Jabs (vitamin energy crisps). Got it, bosschief, you're still hip. They're made with nuts and soy protein, so even if the Hot Picnic Chik! is supposed to taste like Sunday Picnic Basket Chicken, it's all just hype. And chillaxy yourself, G.O.A.T refers to Greatest Of All Time.

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gold said...

P.G.O.A.T. like infinite jest. which i read ironically. honest.