Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Want To Bang Me?

This query could be of a sexual nature. If, by sexy, you mean around $3 or less and containing tofu, then yes, it's pure animalistic desire. Which is how my friends and I regard the holy banh mi hoagie. It's that Vietnamese veg staple of tofu, cilantro, daikon, peppers, wit or wit-out mayo, on a crusty French baguette, that everyone needs to know about. Our favorite is found at Cafe Nhuy on Christian St., and when we're particularly low on funds or just craving some pro-t, we text each other in this way:

want 2 bang me?
defs, i will bang u after work. at 4?
cool, im ready whenev.

We're all college educated and realize that the h is silencio, but still immature enough to keep this up. Wanna get some?

Top 5 Banh Mi

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BradyDale said...

A friend of mine and I wanted to hang out tonight and do something fun and outdoorsy. I thought of this post so we're going to walk over to West Phila and rock some Foo-Wah. Banh mi! Banh mi! We might shout it as we walk down the street.
This Too Will Pass.