Thursday, August 9, 2007

In Pursuit Of Tofu Scramble

When I said that there were like 40 places to find tofu scramble in Philly, I meant it. To display my devotion, or because it's one of my favorite dishes, I'll give you a tofu scramble tour.

Second to grilled cheese, as I have shared faithfully with you so far, tofu scramble is also a perfect meal.

SoPunk's Black N Brew reigns supreme. Their tofu scramble (pictured) is not on the regular menu, but it should be, because I don't think I can go anywhere else now. This non-traditional rendition is simply heartier. They do the most justice to tofu by leaving it in more substantial pieces, so if you like yours less scrambled, this'll make you happy.

The Royal Tavern turns out a chalky version during weekend brunch. They need to give it more love, but I guess if you can make a fantastic lychee mimosa, you're allowed to be sub-par with the scram?

Farmicia has somethin' special-a tofu and spiced Italian soy sausage scramble that's delicious but definitely not typical.

Both Honey's and Morning Glory make your standard yummy scrambles, but the sides are more exciting. It should just be called Honey's Sit N Eat Biscuits for all I care.

Sabrina's scramble get the thumbs up from most vegans I know, but I'm not won over. It's decent, but there exists better.

And finally, Ida Mae's Bruncherie over in Fishtown is a surprise hit. Order the scramble with vegetarian baked beans and wheat toast with vegan margarine, and you're gonna be o-fucking-kay.

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Mac said...

There's a pretty good tofu scramble at a place called The Set Table that's not far from the Strawberry Mansion bridge. The hash browns are killer, too.