Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Speakeasy And Carry A Big Stick

Anything goes in West Philly. So it makes sense that there you would find a Vegan Speakeasy that deals cakes, pastries, and pies on a by-the-order basis, given 48 hours notice. Cedar Park Bakery is the real deal if you want fresh vegan confections that haven't been sitting in a dessert case for a week. We don't all have the time or the talent required to make vegan "cheese" danishes and tiered wedding cakes in our own kitchens, but Cedar Park is like the neighbor who will gladly make it happen. To further put your baking skills to shame, they use whole grains and organic ingredients yet still maintain the sinful taste that one equates with respectable baked goods. The fact that they bake on request means you can probably go nuts with your order. And, since they're located in anything-goes land, you should try to pay them in flaxseeds or ganja.

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