Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Special Time At Su Xing

Su Xing House expanded about a month ago, which made the tiny new-veg-Chinese spot tucked away on Sansom that much more visible to passersby. The extra dining room is schhhhwanky, with gold leaf lacquered tabletops and a mini chandelier. I've always considered Su Xing to be several degrees classier than those msg factories in Chinatown. Go to them if you don't care whether your Chinese takeout looks appetizing at all. Save Su Xing for Special Time, for the excellent Sesame Seitan (right) that we dug into, or when you can wait at least twenty minutes for a meal that's worth it in a clean restaurant. Remembz: Just because the booth isn't sticky doesn't mean the food isn't tops.

Su Xing House, 1508 Sansom St., 215-564-1419, www.suxinghouse.com

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