Monday, August 20, 2007

This Week In Carbs

I convinced my bacon-loving brother to eat tofu. He didn't gag. It was a bite of that grilled tofu sandwich from Essene. Dude made the right choice.

PhillyFoodGuys rate the best
of our veggie hoagies and falafel within an 8-block radius. Yes to Sarcone's and Cafe Nhuy. Just a minor quibble here: Where is Mama's Vegetarian? The South St. location is out of judging range? Love hurts.

Canvas Coffee is home of the bialy, the crisp, flat bagel that pairs extremely well with one of their tofu spreads: spring vegetable, garlic & herb, sun dried tomato, and spinach. Also in good taste? Their always-pleasant service. Sometimes I like a good slap in the face with my coffee, a rather fetching sneer or three as I shake in a packet of crack after I just left a decent tip out of curiosity. But friendly baristas are a study of wonder all their own, and that's been my pref lately.


Bill said...


What can we say? After stopping at 7 shops and eating 9 veggie sandwiches in 3 days, we had to draw the line somewhere!

Mama's Vegetarian will have to go on our hit list... Interestingly, Fuwah Mini market is also on the list for their veggie sub. My friend Sue swears by their marinated tofu!

If you have any other good veggie spots, we'd love to learn about them. Email me at bill [at]


kdubz said...

That's a lot of veggies. Fu-Wah=the best sandwich I've had in a long time. I'll be sure to keep you posted on other contenders.