Monday, August 20, 2007

The Treasures Of Fu-Wah

You'd make a bad vegetarian if you didn't know about Fu-Wah minimarket and their magical tofu hoagies that I swear are marinated in unicorn sex and can in no way be kosher for us to consume. Pretend that you know, reserve a nice block of time for your next lunch, and get thee to West Philly, where it all happens. This is one hell of a banh mi, packed with lots of tofu on a more substantial roll, making it a hearty "Philly" sandwich that makes the other Vietnamese hoagies look sad, and merely cute and snack-like.

That's not all there is to Fu-Wah, however. Mr. Coffee iced coffee cans, Double Rainbow Blueberry Soy Cream, green tea soy milk, Asian veggie "meat", and all of the ethnic ingredients you need to make a decent curry. Intense.


BradyDale said...

If only they had whole wheat rolls. Am I alone in thinking white bread is just gross? It isn't even about health. It's like styrofoam. I hate it. Otherwise, though, Fu Wah's little tofu thingees are good.

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