Friday, August 3, 2007

Veg Out: Fair-Trade Philly

It's a documentary chronicling the exploitation of coffee farmers by multi-national coffee companies. You might care if you guzzle down the second-most valuable commodity in the world. Find out where your dollar is going, because the 74,000 near-bankrupt coffee farmers aren't see much of it. Following the film is a discussion, complete with the beverage that's got everyone in such a hot Co-owner of Mugshots, Jill Fink, is set to talk about local fair trade coffee.

Sun., 8.5, 7pm, White Dog Cafe, 3420 Sansom St., 215-386-9224,,

While we're on that tip, you might want to check out this list of fair-trade coffee shops in Philadelphia:

And where there are sustainable coffeehouses, there are Ross' Espresso Bars. Oh, sigh. A gorgeous man who makes organic chocolate bars? It's like Depp if he wasn't all creepy-looking as Willy Wonka.

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