Monday, August 6, 2007

Veggie Tales: True Or Faux?

Vegansexuals? Wait, people, is this true? I understand that kissing-after-steak-dinner is a problem mostly solved with Breathsavers or toothpaste or that old-fashioned palate cleansing trick called water, but do you really care what the person you're fucking eats?
"It is totally, totally true," said Janna Cunnigham, a 46-year-old Brooklyn, N.Y., native, about the smells and tastes of carnivores.
"Their body odor is pungent. Their sweat is extremely smelly. Their spit, and all their body fluids, are strong and stinky. Vegetarian people are not so smelly," Cunningham, who has been a vegetarian for 32 years, and a vegan for 10, told ABC

Can you be that choosy in the bedroom? Just how hot and insane are you? Call me.

ABC News: I'm Just Not That Into You And Your Beef Jerky Habit

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