Friday, August 10, 2007

Veggie Tales: We Pwn The Internet

Here's your guide to live by: Vegan Brainstormin', something not to do if you're a lonely single: Using Meat To Meet Men, and how to keep your friends: Feeding The Carnivore. Thanks, vegBCO!

While I couldn't call it Absolutely, Amazingly Delicious Vegan Pizza like PETA, yeah, Gianna's is decent. I know what they say about the service, but it's two emo-goth kids I used to go to school with, and a bunch of Mexicans, so I never have a problem. See what the deal is at SuperVegan. Their vegan cheese is now casein-free, and I'm part of that new-school veg where subsisting on sprouts and seeds is just not my game, baby. Sometimes I want the greasy slices and other sleazy slop they've got over there. Vegan cowboy cheese fries have swaying power. Plus, for the shameless of you who swore you'd never go there, you can now order online.

And not for nothin', Uwishunu big ups Tony Luke's for "the Uncle Mike", a vegan grinder that I'll try when I get over my fear of old Italian men.

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