Thursday, August 2, 2007

Why You All Up In Muh Grill For?

First I'm talkin' on some grilled cheese: Griddle Me This
After writing this, I discovered that E's Passyunk has a ton of build-your-own grilled cheese options, including vegan, and Infusion has added gourmet grilled cheese croissants to their menu.

Then Drew Lazor swings by to say hello. Scroll down for the LOV shout-out: Rabble Rabble

Time to pay the vegan rent with soy cheese choices from Urban Vegan: Great Vegan Cheese Meltdown
Note the wisdom in her tip. The first time I tried soy cheese, I wasn't a fan, but after eating it for years, I've grown to appreciate. Picture me at my gangliest, age 15, holding a can of Spaghetti-Os and telling everyone in my family that vegetarianism was my show of respect for life. They laughed at me then, and they laugh at me still. Now I'm preparing whole wheat linguine with basil pesto on a regular basis, but it doesn't happen overnight, understand.

Back on the grilled cheese game, classic is always the shit, but throw some fruit in there or fuck with the bread, and you've got the idea. It's hard to mess up the perfect food.

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