Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Respect The Sandwich

I often hear the words "You look like you need a sandwich". So I've been listening. At left, those whoopie pies you've been hearing about are now being hawked at Infusion (1001 S. 10th Street).

The Fakin' Bacon BLT at Red Hook (765 S. 4th St.) trumps the OG with mashed avocados. So you could probably call it the BLTA:

This Cheeseburger Deluxe is not on a dollar menu.
But it's worth $4.95 at Essene (719 S. 4th St.):


Bill said...

Right on! I love this blog - it has totally filled a vege vacuum for me here in Philly and I look forward to checking out the posts everyday to find new restaurants and food carts to check out. Thanks for writing it!

kdubz said...

no probs. feel free to send me any tips you have and thanks for reading!