Monday, September 10, 2007

Veg In: Footballin'

If you're a football vegan or you know one, chances are you feel pretty lonely with your sad bowl of veggie chili while everyone else feasts on buffalo wings and 800-layer nachos. It's gonna be a long, hungry Eagles season in Philly, and how are you going to get through it? Easy like a motherfucker if you're on your game.

Buffalo Tofu: Easy to make, 4 ingredients, simple genius.

30-Second Vegan Chili Cheese Dip: Amelia Bedelia couldn't screw this up.

Grilled Beer Brats: Those sprouted wheat hot dog buns are gonna make this shit happen.

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kevin said...

Another good option: May Wah Chicken "legs", fried and covered in some sort of vegan buffalo wing sauce. If you've ever been to Foodswings in Brooklyn, I'm pretty sure that's the same thing they use for all of the "wings." I picked up a package of them at First Oriental Grocery (6th and Washington) the other day for $10.