Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Veg Out: This Week In Tofu

My tofu game has been quite impressive lately. Observe:

A buffalo tofu wheat wrap at J&H food cart on Temple's campus. Nice kick. Bad angle.

At White Dog Cafe, I started with a grilled brie appetizer that was not impressive. The bread was beyond crusty. I'm going to call it rocky. It was not a proper tool for which to navigate the wonders of brie. A grilled citrus marinated tofu pita with curried slaw and tangy cucumber yogurt dressing improved the state of things, although I had a hard time finishing it. My appetite was not worthy.

Ida Mae's Bruncherie recently opened for dinner, so I took my mom and sister, who both ended up ordering chicken and chicken. They are the whitest women alive. My mother thought my tofu was french toast, until I gave her a look. The charming space is ratcheting up dinner prices and focusing more on New-American cuisine than their homey Irish comfort food offered during the day. They're clearly not aiming for Fishtown natives, or my family, but hell, as a veg foodie, I was excited. I went for the salad, an interesting mix of greens, candied nut brittle, granny smith apples, and sprouts in lemon vinaigrette, followed by tempura tofu, which came with bok choy and cabbage. The presentation of both dishes was excellent, but the taste was simply okay. I thought the sauce on the tofu triangles was too salty and the portions weren't balanced, but Ida Mae's is still working things out, and I plan to return soon.

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