Thursday, October 25, 2007

Go Nuts

Whatever you want, within reason.

At Cafe Loftus, they make a mean gourmet PB&whatever. But most people usually forget that it's there. Sandwiched (forgive me) between Sansom and Walnut, the tiny coffeeshop is a nice respite from the usual lunch hunting grounds in Rittenhouse. Or if you're power-shopping and need a quick bite that's not the square offerings at an overcrowded Cosi.

For me, it's the Pear & Pistachio with cherry preserves on thick wheat bread that gets me out of a jam (you will forgive me eventually). Get it toasted or grab one to go, with your choice of nut butters (almond, hazelnut, pecan, regular, or Nutella), jams, and other fillings. They've got a whole menu of pbjs, like the Pecan Pie Sandwich, the Elvis, and the Fluffernutter. And if you ever have a six-year old, please make sure they know about pistachio butter. I wasted so many years with white bread and Skippy and no child should ever have to do that.

Cafe Loftus, 136 S. 15th St.

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