Tuesday, October 16, 2007

One Love Vegan Cookies

The Clark Park flea market often unveils many things. This time, I discovered One Love Cookies, a local vegan baking company started by Rachel Ceci. Every square inch of her table was covered in treats made with whole grains, like fig bars, cookies in spiced pecan, peanut butter-carrot, banana, and chocolate ginger flavors. I bought a few and found them to be righteous, but will reserve my love for the peanut butter-carrot gems. The mini cookies are made with whole wheat flour and ground flaxseeds, so you're getting fiber and omega-3s as well as dessert. Chips Ahoy never did that for you.

One Love Cookies by Rachel Ceci, 484-802-5965


Anna Makatche said...

I've tasted them too - they're amazing!

Jane Berry said...

They are good. And Rachel is also going to make a great Family and Consumer Sciences teacher.

Josh said...

The trail mix cookies and the date bars are awesome. I recommened emailing her right away at onelovecookies@yahoo.com so you can try them for yourself.