Monday, October 1, 2007

Veg Out: Cafe De Laos

I don't usually giggle when reading a menu. Put a 14-year old next to me who insists on pointing out every sexually suggestive dish and I'm helpless.

Thai eatery Cafe De Laos is not a palace of sin. It's actually very pretty and extremely clean, with ornate decor and pink roses on each table.

So, even though the mood was romantic, I didn't order the hot girl on fire or the vegetarian lover. There were tons of vegan options, including a separate list of veg starters and entrees.

For an appetizer, I chose the Golden Triangle, crispy tofu with a sweet & sour sauce. My entree was Tofu Supreme, stuffed with a medley of vegetables and a slightly spicy tamarind sauce. Both were excellent. Any time you want to go, just Kau Mee.

Cafe De Laos, 1117 S 11th St., 215-467-1546


contranj said...

looks delicious especially the triangles

i dont know ANY other vegans in philly so its refreshing to read your posts. keep it up!

jimken said...

thanks for the tip kdubz, have you tried Vientienne dans west philly?

kdubz said...

not yet, but i hear they have great tofu. recommend me something!