Monday, October 22, 2007

Veg Out: Dock Street Brew Pub

Dock Street is cool and yet it's not hip. Set in the old firehouse on 50th and Baltimore, next to the Satellite cafe, I expected a younger, dirtier crowd. What we got was a 20-minute wait, normal for a packed resto on a Friday night, with no discernible "scene". There was even a family with non-annoying kids. Refreshing. The place is gorgeous, too, with high ceilings that give it an open feel, and a stack of firewood in one corner.

What concerns us is that Dock Street not only makes vegan pizza, but they put tofu on it. Shit yes. Made with tons of veggies and no cheese, the vegan tomato pie is decent eats. The small is big enough to split, but we ordered a California pie as well, which had goat cheese, mozzarella, and sun-dried tomatoes. I admit I was much more impressed with this one, but I'd like to see them offer vegan cheese as an option for their list of vegetarian pies. Also on the menu: vegan calzones and paninis.

With pizza, you need beer. Good thing their selections are made on-site and include Satellite Stout, which is brewed with espresso beans and has a bold coffee flavor, and Sgt. Pepper, a very strong and spicy ale that I wasn't too fond of. Because I'm a wuss and enjoy fruity beer? If you don't drink, just knock back a Boylan's root.

Either way, perfect weekend starter.

Dock Street Brew Pub, 701 S. 50th St.


North said...

why didnt u make me go there
im jealous and pizzaless
lets eat too much tomato pie soon

kdubz said...

i have been fighting for time, and imagine that you have, too. not even sure how i managed to squeeze that one in, 'cept a girl's gotta eat pie.


vanessa said...

If you go there again, you should try the vegan apple cider cake! (And not just because I make's really good.)

kdubz said...

i didn't know they had dessert, or i would have. that sounds absolutely delicious. are your cakes available anywhere else?