Monday, October 8, 2007

Veg Out: National Mechanics

You've seen the National Mechanics ad in the paper: The single greatest veggie burger in the known world. Well, I'm not that worldly yet, but you can have the city. If I wasn't so quick to dig in, I might have adjusted my flash so that the true beauty of National Mechanics' house-made veggie burger could shine through. You'll just have to trust that this was packed with every vegetable I can think of, did not even attempt to mimic meat, and was insanely delicious and satisfying. Both my friend and I polished our sandwiches off with nothing but praise, and left not a single french fry untouched. Plus, during happy hour from 5-7, it's a $5 special.

National Mechanics, 22 South 3rd St.


kevin said...

Is it vegan?

kdubz said...

Here is their response:

Glad you enjoy the veggie burger! The ingredients are all vegan friendly with (the possible) exception of the bread crumbs used in the "burger" and the roll (Sarcone's, but they haven't answered my inquiries...yet!).

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