Monday, October 15, 2007

Veg Out: The U Arts Burger

When I said that National Mechanics had the best veggie burger, I didn't know about the U Arts Burger. On name alone, it doesn't sound appetizing, but those kids are good at two things: 1. Convincing their parents to foot the bill so their fridge artwork skills can develop. 2. Getting a burger named for them at Paolo's Pizza.

The materials:

A veggie patty (So MEAT-Y. Greasy. Insanely good.)
Sauteed spinach
Portabello mushrooms
Roasted peppers
Gorgonzola cheese
A sesame seed bun

The major difference between this burg and Nat'l Mechanics' is that this one is remarkably similar to a traditional burger in terms of smoky flavor and beefy texture, whereas the NM patty is made up of chopped veggies and is really creative and well-seasoned. It's a matter of preference here. But when you're lagging on protein and in need of comforting sustenance, either one does the trick.

You can also get a plain veggie burger, and your omni friends can try the Kimmel Burger, The Antique Row, or The Juniper Street. I don't normally go to or order from pizza joints, since the selection is generally unappetizing and I'm surrounded by some of the best ethnic food in the city. For the best veggie burger that I know of, this will have to be adjusted.

Paolo Pizza, 1336 Pine St, 215-545-2571

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