Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Slutty Cakes & French Toast Sex

Can you pass up a place that serves Slutty Pancakes? Shopsin's General Store in NYC knows childlike indulgence and fantastical experimentation. What else would inspire Pumpkin-Pistachio-PeanutButter-Cinnamon (the Slutty) and the Mac & Cheese/Raspberry pancakes? Narrowing down the imaginative menu with countless options, I settled on the Bread Pudding French Toast, which comes in regular, cowboy (sausage & cheese), nowboy (vegan sausage & cheese), and ohboy (andouille & cheese) varieties. Veg options are all over the place here and lovingly named (Blisters On My Sisters) which could seem gimmicky if this place wasn't so in-your-face real.

In a new location tucked in the corner of an indoor market on Essex, a scant few blocks from an American Apparel where you should try on the sky blue slim slacks before your meal for extra sleaze, Shopsins appears to be a small, charming dive. The many ingredients used for the numerous concoctions are housed in shelves around the counter, and there are but few tables. It's cramped but organized in a way that you know the waitress is aware of every single item. The staff knows their customers, and as such, talk is comfortably exchanged between all. The busboy and waitress even have what I assume is a joke conversation about a Paris Hilton party and how nice Jessica Simpson is in person. They kept shooting me playful looks throughout the exchange, I'm dressed head to toe in black and buried in the New York Post, so it's hard to know for sure.

It felt intimate, like I was in somebody's home and the chef/owner was trying to adopt me by making me the most incredible french toast to exist. I tore into it with no reservations.

Shopsins, Essex Street Market, 120 Essex St., NYC, Shopsins

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