Tuesday, January 29, 2008

....And A Side Of Vrapple

Vegan scrapple, Vrapple. Who asked for this? Better yet, why do I want some? I tried scrapple once as a kid at a friend's house. She was the first person I knew that had a Walkman. I never ate it again, but mostly because it was never around and my family didn't eat it.

I do love soy sausage or tempeh bacon, those rare brunch sides that you can find at Cantina, the Royal, and Mugshots. But the idea of vegan scrapple had never even crossed my mind, until I heard that Basic 4 Vegetarian offered it as a breakfast option. Still, I didn't brave it. Then I read in PW that the Fair Food Farmstand at Reading Terminal has been making it. It's being served at Milkboy Coffee for now, but the second it's sold at their stand, I will procure this creation. It's basically seitan with secret ingredients. Is it the same vrapple that is sold at Basic 4? All will be determined by a super-tasting.

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