Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Paris Virgin: Rendezvous Des Artistes

Montmartre/Pigalle is known as being the Fishtown/early Northern Liberties of Paris. That meant I had to stay there. It also meant that area cafes had capitalized on the artsy vibe already. Hence I found myself dining at Au Rendezvous des Artistes.

I ordered the wrong omelet because I forgot to say the word legumes. Fuck. It came with a pitiful salad and some pathetic frites, but an omelet is an omelet. At least the wine was excellent. I followed up with a Mirabelle Tarte, which was made from plums and was just as pretty as it sounds.

As for the atmosphere, it wasn't Young Art School Dropout Night. A few dusty fellas held residence at the bar and some tired looking groups scattered about with greasy food. And do artists really pay 4 euros for Perrier?

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