Monday, January 21, 2008

Veg Out: Zinc Bistro

My love affair with French cuisine continues.

In an effort to revisit artisan baguette perfection, I looked to Miel Patisserie in Rittenhouse Square. The croissants passed muster, particularly the flaky almond pastry. We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping with a sword of bread sticking out my bag, ripping off hunks whenever we got hungry and admiring window shoe displays as we chewed the close-to-Paris-quality baguette.

By dinnertime, we weren't hungry, but wanted the romance to continue. Steak frites, lobster bisque, meat special after meat special. As our server recited that evening's off-limits delights, it seemed like I had been relegated to bread and wine at Zinc Bistro. Further inspection of the menu was promising, however. Salads and cheese plates, potato galette, omelets, and a savory wild mushroom tart (Tart aux Champignons) with a touch of melted Morbier, that was rich and satisfying. The salade maison is the only vegan option. The frites were near-perfect.

How to finish it off? A cup of La Colombe and the tiny shortbread cookies that are delivered with the check.

Zinc, 246 S. 11th St., 215-351-9901,

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