Sunday, February 10, 2008

Veg Out: Honey's Sit N Eat

I blame Honey's for founding the Brunch Hype of Philadelphia. While stuffed french toast was earning a reputation at Sabrina's in Queen Village, it was still a do-able spot on Sundays. Everybody else was content with predictable egg-y breakfasts at diners and street carts. I don't think we understood the science of brunching until those homestyle Tex-Jew plates were sent out laden with biscuits and trailed by glasses of fresh juice in a ghetto above Spring Garden. This was perpetrated by a mass exodus of peoples who fled to Northern Liberties. They slept late and demanded food that looked pretty and had little to do with Philadelphia. A neighborhood and a weekend trend was set firmly in place.

Every time I revisit Honey's, I wait in purgatory for a table or hope to snipe a counter seat. I also end up trying something different and not regretting a thing. Among the many veg decisions to be made, I was curious about the tofu rancheros, a compromise on huevos that is reached with tofu scramble and drizzled with guac and tofu sour cream. I added a side of veggie sausage patties, mostly because they taste best when someone else makes them and there's no way around that.

Honey's, 800 N. 4th St., 215-925-1150


Maggie said...

My husband and I just tried Honey's for the first time last week. We went for dinner and it was pleasantly full, but not crazy. I had the veggie burger with fries, and he actually ordered the exact same thing you did, sausage and all. We also had the mocha chocolate cake. It was all delicious! We definitely appreciated all the veg options, and will be back.

kdubz said...

That Mocha Layer Cake is quite memorable.

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