Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Attn. Vegan Reich: Fake Veal

Even the most blood-lusty vegans that I know are frowning upon Natural Corner's latest invention: Vegan Veal & Pepper Salad.

Now, Natural Corner happens to make packaged-yet-nutritious vegan and macro meals that are perfect for those dining solo or al fresco. The food always seems fresh, even though it's meant to vacate at organic groceries until you, pale-faced and in starvation mode, are in need of a $5 pick-me-up.

As much as I try to stay out of the Faux Meat Substitute VS Real Vegan Food With Actual Vegetables debate, the availability of vegan veal is uh, curious. Disgusting, but certainly intriguing. I didn't even realize that regular veal & pepper salad existed. Must be some old-guard Italian thing.

Of course I bought it. I scanned the ingredients and didn't see any soy protein or other meat sub, just vegetables, tomato sauce, and....rice? I have never been able to eat veal, but I'm confident that the "veal" in this was quite dissimilar. It had the consistency and flavor of a chewy piece of pasta. I can safely advise you not to buy this disturbing concoction.

If you miss veal that badly, I'd rather not console you. Buying fake veal is a very sad move that only a veg food blogger would do just for the hell of it.

Available at Essene. Don't walk so fast.

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