Thursday, March 27, 2008

Boston Creme Upstaged By Belgian Creme For Vegan Donut Supremacy

Oh, hey, obligatory Vegan Treats post here. The much-hyped donuts (the kind I only find in NYC) are now available IN PHILADELPHIA. As they should be, about time, and all that. For now, Govinda's is carrying Cookies & Creme and...Belgian Creme. What's that, you ask, there's a better cream than Boston? Maybe the counter guy who I spoke with was bored or rushed. Belgian Creme does have more sell-ability. Either way, the vegan kind have more heft than the Dunkin' variety, thicker frosting that isn't gloppy or shiny, and a rich filling that is reminiscent of vanilla pudding. Delivery is on Thursdays at 5pm if you want 'em fresh, I'm betting they sell out by the weekend. Bostonian, Belgian, I'm into it.

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