Sunday, March 2, 2008

In The Kitchen With Kelly: Home Creperie

Crepes seem intimidating to make, but my first attempt at making them from scratch turned out to be a success. After screwing up Crepe No. 1 (typical in any pancake endeavor), the rest turned out normal enough. I topped them with sauteed bananas, drizzled honey, and whipped cream. Not vegan, but you can go your own way, of course.

Here's a vegan crepe recipe: Vegan Crepes

Here's the non-vegan mix that I used, which is tres delicieux: Stonewall Kitchen French Crepe Mix

And here is the sleepiest vegan cooking segment evs, that will show you the love that Robyn used to sing about:


cmoore said...

I finally popped my Beau Monde cherry last Sunday, and left feeling like crepes were on dish I'd rather leave to the experts. Yours look great though! Yumm.

kdubz said...

i was surprised at how easy it was. all you need is a really nice non-stick pan, and tongs work better than a spatula when flipping.