Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Tour Of The Burgs

PW presents a Field Guide for veggie burgers. There should be no frozen burgers on that list. It's unacceptable for any kitchen to use store-bought veggie burgers, and while I'd never call White Dog Cafe lazy, it's the only thing on the menu there that does come from the freezer. They're so easy to make in big batches and freeze anyway, ay yi are some additions to that list:

The Abbaye's veggie burger (pile on the gruyere for me...)
A Full Plate (they make 3 veg types-spinach & black bean, sun burger, and regular veggie)
LeBus of Manayunk's veggie burger
Viva Las Vegans Bacon Burger


Geraldine said...

A truly delish veggie burger is a tough one. I have given up on finding a commercial one I like, make my own now. I am actually working on a meatless burger cookbook right now.

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