Thursday, March 27, 2008

Veg In: The Lazy Vegetarian

When the farmers markets start up, my kitchen becomes more than the other half of my office. Please don't think less of me, but lately most of my food hunting is done by phone. Observe:

I didn't want to try out Old Towne & Sanna's, a hybrid pizza/middle eastern jawneria, because of the logo. It features a chicken with a wing cut off, the flapping appendage floating away from the rest of its body. Oddly enough, the place is halal and delivers veggie steaks, veg burgers, and pierogies. Flip to the back of the menu and you'll find the awesome-sounding grape leaves sandwich, falafel, and a number of Greek salads and platters. When I received the generous spinach and feta cheese platter, I remembered that delivery always delivers twice-as lunch the next day. I unfolded pitas the size of records and got to work-hummus and baba ghanouj drizzled with oil, creamy cucumber sauce, flaky pie, those fun little grape leaves. Why are they even frontin' with pizza? Dial this operation and let's get to know a Lebanese Bread Salad.

Old Towne/Sanna's, 2301 Graysferry & Bainbridge St., 215-731-1911,

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