Sunday, March 16, 2008

Veg Out: Azure

Azure calls itself vacation-style. I call it very conscious of veg needs. The comforting fact-it has been from its very start in 2004. Long before the Northern Liberties area had a gas-pub on every corner that paid attention to vegankind, Azure was there, with a flair for margs and seitan tips and waitresses who took their time. If you find yourself in an equal distribution of omnis and herbivores, Azure is food sex for all of you.

What's even more impressive than the seitan (which they add or sub for anything) and the well-done veggie burger? The tofu tacos drenched with soy chipotle aioli are a messy appetizer that pleases like a main. It's my favorite thing on our almost-half of the menu.

Azure, 931 N 2nd St, 215-629-0500,

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