Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Veg Out: Royal Tavern

I never thought I'd see Vegetarian Crab Croquettes advertised as a special anywhere. The veg-friendly Royal was touting this starter, as well as a vegan caesar salad. Never one to shy away from a food challenge within my dietary parameters, I bit.

The deep-fried app came complete with jalapeno tartar sauce. I have never tried crab, but this looked the part. My dining partner and I could not identify a meat substitute, but I believe it was a variation of this. The chef's english would only reveal that the appetizer was soy-based.

The vegan caesar was not the best. That honor was bestowed long ago upon Foodswings of Brooklyn for their No Chicken Caesar. It was still a nice try.

The coconut cheesecake was Vegan Treats, no question. Now go work out your fake crab fantasies before the special is done.

Royal Tavern, 937 E. Passyunk Ave, 215-389-6694

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