Saturday, March 29, 2008

Veg Out: Taqueria Los Jalapeños

Who needs chips when you can order a burrito crammed with guac? Inspired by Burrito Club's venture to the tiny bodega that turns out some mighty Mexi fare, it was time to jala at it myself. Generally, there are two giveaways that signal your taqueria take-out will be authentic and alarmingly delicious: the proximity of bins containing chiles to the register, along with the availability of Choco Tacos in the ice cream freezer.

Los Jalapeños, I am proud to report, has both. With this confidence, I requested a Guacamole Burrito. Guacamole is likely my favorite food of all time and I didn't realize that until today. The Avocado Taco Salad and Oaxaca Cheese & Bean Gorditas sounded intriguing, among the veg possibilities. A few minutes later, I had all of the guacamole I could handle.

The substantial burrito was well-crafted and easy to manage without a fork. Not one chunk of avocado, bean, rice, cheese, lettuce or tomato escaped during consumption. I prefer my guac salty and this was rather mild, but the freshness and ratio to the other components was right on. It came with both red and green sauce for the heat-seekers. This is the beginning of a very intimate delivery relationship.

Taqueria Los Jalapeños, 1800 S. 4th St., 215-468-1828


Doug said...

i also singled out the Choco Tacos and hot peppers rather quickly. also of note: $1 coffee from the coffee pot by the window. and thanks for the B Club shout-out!...

Alexis K Lerro said...
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