Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hype Wars, ALTs, And The Best Possible Typo Of The Day

Is it just a typo, or is Memphis Taproom's menu really offering vegan steak frites?

Food & Drinq revealed the offerings of Port Richmond's newest pub, which opened yesterday, and the list is questionable. I've heard many things about Memphis Taproom, but not much at all about a) the beer and b) the stuff you eat with beer. I guess I'm definitely part of that problem, because I casually mention that BLANK is opening in BLANK NEIGHBORHOOD in BLANK MONTHS, all of the time. I'm nosy, I walk everywhere, I ask a lot of questions.

You can make the food nerds salivate with press releases all you want, but when you spend all of your efforts creating buzz, who is going to assure that the Fish & Chips with Miso Tofu is a solid hit? I wasn't expecting the menu to be so flirtatious with vegankind, but it is: an Avocado "Bacon", Lettuce, & Tomato sandwich, BBQ Seitan, Buckwheat Chili & Drunk Ranch Beans, and then....Steak Frites with a vegan asterisk next to it?

How many times have I stood on the Memphis Taproom corner in my youth with my snack of choice (Herr's BBQ Corn Chips & Arctic Splash drilled with a straw), wondering if the girl who wanted to fight me was going to show up, if we should walk by my ex-boyfriend's house for the 30th time that day, if my uncle would buy me that sky blue dress for the 8th grade dance? I am really that person, tofu or not.

Memphis, do not let this girl down.

Memphis Taproom, 2331 E. Cumberland St at Memphis

Food & Drinq: Memphis Menu


Memphis said...

The owner of the 'vegan steak frites' typo most humbly apologizes. HOWEVER, it's a really good idea... let's see what happens! --Leigh (at the Memphis Taproom)

kdubz said...

i was there the other day and realized that, but with so many other veg alternatives, i was not disappointed at all! i'll be back atcha.