Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In The Kitchen With Kelly: Kale-Y Girl Sandwich

My Reading Terminal Market scavenging left me with a bounty of chocolate Pequea Valley Farms yogurt, San Francisco blend coffee, hard-to-find starfruit, stoplight-colored bell peppers, Hendricks Farm gruyere, and a bunch of kale. I took this as a sign that I was making a grilled cheese sandwich. Not just any sandwich, though. This one:

The Kale-Y Girl

2 slices of bread (the grainier, the sexier)
2 slices of Gruyere (or any cheese, Trader Joe's vegan mozzarella is phenomenal)
2 giant handfuls of kale (extra greens on the side never hurts)
1 tbsp of Earth Balance

Slice up a bell pepper and snack on it as you go. You want to sauté the greens for a few minutes until they're nice and wilted. Drizzle with a hit of oil, some cracked black pepper. Trust yourself. Keep working on that bell pep. It's good, right? So simple. I like it when my kale is charred a little.

Butter up a bread slice and place into the pan next to the kale. Pack on the gruyere, and transfer half of the kale on top. Add the second slice of bread, go check 3 emails, then flip your sandwich. When the gruyere is melted to your liking, plate up.

Serves 1.

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