Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Love Letter To My Urban Grocery

Dearest Grocery,

I detest grocery-shopping even though I'm a dedicated foodie. I'm surrounded by large supermarkets that sell low-quality baked goods and over-hyped good-for-you products. I would gladly bulldoze all of them if I could have you and the Reading Terminal Market in my clutches.

Your cheese platter is worth every cent of the $9.95 that you claim for it. Your bottled water with the Grocery label? Too cute. Your tiramisu almost made me cry. You sell those lovely margarita mixes from Lolita. You have decent bread, jam, oils, all of the picnick-y items that call for a rooftop park. Get it done. I assume that is next for you. If you had seating, I'd probably choose you every time.

You make bold moves on vegetarians with your tempting salad bar, tofu wrap, pistachio-crusted tofu, and yes, your tofu summer rolls.

This is really working for me.

Keep on keeping on,

Grocery, 101 S. 13th St

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