Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Top Muffins, Less Muffin Top

The muffintop is the best part, right? Yet most muffins are so caloric they're probably illegal in Los Angeles. And forget the healthy-ish low-fat kind, which are pointless and generally just as terrible for you. Making your own is not the same unless you have special muffin tins to produce enormous bakery-style lovemuffins.

I have found peace in the muffins from Essene, which are vegan and made from whole grains and fresh fruits. The non-scary ingredients are listed. While that all sounds boring to the heathen in you, shut the fuck up and listen for a second. These are absurdly delicious, not just for what they are.

It's like two bland, vanilla-white people got together and made exotic, stick-with-you babies and the added bonus: nobody got fat.

The most delightful flavor yet? The summer-y Coconut Mango with lime juice is pure contentment.

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