Saturday, April 19, 2008

Trader NOs

Every once in a while, among the many Trader yesses, there is a Trader Joe's no.

A definite TJ's yes is the Three-Layer Hummus. I leave Sabra and Bobbi's Hummus to the rest of you, the thick, creamy spreads from TJ's are the real deal. What to do when you can't decide what flavor you want? The Three-Layer is a pretty trifle of cilantro, original, and red pepper. Drill your way to the bottom with those pita chips, the cilantro is the zestiest.

I found a rare miss in the Chicken-less Strips. They come pre-seasoned but you wouldn't know it. They're completely flavorless, and I suggest marinating them or throwing them on a pizza.

Speaking of pizza, the best store-bought pizza dough known to man is sold at TJ's and is chilling in my fridge. Every 3rd Sunday of the month I put on a bikini top and an apron for pizza-making. While I wait for the pies to cook, I drink wine and watch Sportscenter.

I should mention that there's a first time for everything.


cmoore said...

A mere 30 minutes before reading this post I was in SuperFresh (blah) contemplating whether to branch out from our usual two containers of Sabra to get us through the week. However, last time I did that my roommates mutinied, so I decided to forgo the SuperFresh options altogether and hold out for my RTM Bobbi's fix. It's nice to know there are other options.

You don't happen to know a good recipe for veg. pulled you?

kdubz said...

This one looks close...

If you're ever up there, the vegetarian pulled pork sandwich they serve at A Full Plate Cafe in Northern Liberties is pretty fierce.