Monday, April 21, 2008

Veg Out: Amada

If you look past the selections of meat hanging from the ceiling, Amada is an airy and chic Spanish tapas lounge that does not overlook the rest of us. Or at least the veg-with-a-livable-salary. It's also huge and takes an hour to walk from one side of the restaurant to the other. The Verduras section on the menu is extremely green, with 4 vegan plates and 9 options for lactos, as well as a cheese list that reads like poetry. Portions are indeed tiny, but just right if you consider how the rest of the world eats.

Cheese guided the way that night. A crisp empanada revealed a flavorful arrangement of spinach, manchego, and artichoke. Baked goat cheese served with a sofrito sauce and mini toast was not a standout, even if it was well-executed. I expected something othern than good intentions. We finished with more manchego, this time in a mousse. It had a very cheesecake-like structure and flavor, with a crust of pistachio shortbread. A trail of apple crumb dusted the plate and was swept through with a side of apple cider sorbet. There are 3 sorbets to choose from.

Not at all a bad experience, when you understand that options are half the battle.

Amada, 217 Chestnut St,

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kevin said...

The mushrooms I have had at Amada were pretty much the best I've had in my entire life. Words cannot describe how tastey they were.

Wish they didn't serve fois gras, but otherwise, yeah, they definitely crank out some very tastey, non-bland stuff for us.