Saturday, May 3, 2008

Veg Out: Burrito Brew

A burrito is a wondrous thing: a meal that carries itself and is a gift of many ingredients. My burrito kick has led me to a few disappointments, but I am generally pleased, and oftentimes, I am floored by the complexity of these filled-to-bursting wrappered delights. Best of all, I AM NOT ALONE IN MY QUEST.

Burrito Club Philly
Burrito Eater

The level of meatless burritos in Philly astounds me. I wish more of them were served in foil wrappers for authenticity. I hope that one day, people will be less intimidated and simply dig in with burrito abandon, save the fork for when they're wearing a white suit.

Burritos end up in the strangest of places. Behold this: Burrito Brew at Old City Coffee. During the first week of May, Cinco de Mayo-ers and coffee drinkers alike can blend their causes. The Church St. location debuts their new spring/summer menu with a vegetarian bean and farmhouse cheddar burrito. Along with that they feature a special Guatemala brew. Uncommon coffeeshop fare is seldom worth checking out unless you're a bean-drinker, but I highly recommend both. What really made this burrito extraordinary was the side of chipotle sour cream.

And yes, I used a fork.

Old City Coffee, 221 Church St

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