Friday, April 4, 2008

Veg Out: Cafe Grindstone

Whenever there's a new coffee hang in town, I scope it immediately and zero in on exactly what their specialty is. Then I become BFF with the owner and the barista who pulls the best shot. In my experience, I have found that shops who make the foamiest cappuccinos don't always craft espressos with the dreamiest crema. Maybe they're brewing La Colombe, but plating up a non-delicious croissant? Where's the soy milk? I have yet to find a well-rounded house of beans and base all decisions on what I'm jonesing at the moment. Since I'm ten minutes away from virtually any den of caffeine sin, I can be a choosy bitch.

If I'm after iced, I go straight for Old City Coffee. When I want a vegan pastry with my cuppa, it's Benna's or Red Hook, Canvas or One Shot. Vietnamese café, thicker than blood? I'm a minute away. The meanest espresso? That'd be Ray's or Chapterhouse. And for straight up coffee or Americanos, Blue in Green has buzz.

So what could possibly draw me to Cafe Grindstone, Queen Village's one-of-many cafes? There's a disco ball hanging over a turntable set-up. Giant iced coffees can be ordered with coffee ice cubes. Sword-sharpening on the premises makes it a two-for-one deal. Yes, that's a bottle of agave nectar on the counter, next to the chalkboard that offers Unchicken salad and bagels with vegan cream cheese.

This may end my quest to become the Anthony Bourdain of Coffee.

Cafe Grindstone, 622 S 5th St


kevin said...

Since you mention Bourdain - have you seen

kdubz said...

haha, yes, it's in my links.

Jonathan said...

hm. according to philly blog it smells like pee in there and they haven't passed health inspection or L&I. but hey, they didn't mention the vegan cream cheese

kdubz said...

i did read about grindstone through PB, but chose to inspect it myself. no pee smell that i can detect, service is a little too casual, but yeah, vegan cream cheese talks.