Friday, April 4, 2008

"Vegetarain" Looks Like Veggie Terrain To Me

Every time I watch Anton Shuford's Illanights, I realize that dude's lifestyle is in tune to mine. In this episode, he caps his night at David's Mai Lah Wah. The background antics in the video are characteristic to David's, if you've ever been. And why haven't you been? There are enough veg consumables there to warrant repeat trips.

If you can look past the unfortunate spelling of vegetarain on the menu, there's an entire list of bean curd (tofu), mei fun, and moo shu for you to tackle. What's the main attraction here? David's is open until 3 AM weeknights and 4 AM on weekends.

David's Mai Lah Wah, 1001 Race St

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