Friday, April 18, 2008

Vrapple Jacks: We Eat What We Like

In Philly, we prop our scrapple next to eggs, pancakes, and other breakfast staples. I thought about making strawberry waffles, but then I remembered the plate-sized cinnamon bun from Vegan Treats that was hanging out in my kitchen. After downing tequila on an empty stomach and tap dancing up the stairs to my apartment early this morning, I was in no condition to be making breakfast, let alone eating it.

I managed to inhale a good portion of the cinnamonster before my throat closed up. I'm sick right now, what am I doing? For the protein portion of my Bourdain-approved Vegas-style brekky, I upped the sin factor with Sarah's Savories Vrapple. The vegan scrapple is actually decent for you, made with seitan, buckwheat flour, and veggie stock. I've never cooked scrapple before so I applied common sense, sliced it into thin hunks, and fried it.

The texture was not quite firm and it was sweeter than the traditional kind. Surprisingly, it was very spicy. I have to say, I do prefer veggie sausage, if only because I have the palate of a 7-year old when it comes to handling heat. It is a well-made, creative product that most of my vegan friends will be adding to their brunch oeuvre.

As for me, I will be subsisting on kale smoothies and liquids until my throat gets it together. Don't make out with me today.

Vrapple is available at Essene (in small trial sizes or large packages), Fair Food Farmstand at Reading Terminal Market, and is on the brunch menu at Milkboy Coffee and London Grill.

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