Sunday, May 4, 2008

Breakfast of Champions: Bread & Banana Lemon Butter

You never can tell what you'll walk away with from the Headhouse Square Farmer's Market.

I gained a newfound appreciation for Hoots & Hellmouth, the opening day entertainment. It may have been the Peruvian coffee and the fragile, almond-encrusted croissant that I made short work of, perched on the curb in a street studded with crust punks. The Square itself was jammed with foodites rapidly filling their tote bags. The vendor for Talula's Table, the country's most hard-to-get reservation, was slammed with sample-seekers, but I was more enthralled by Versailles Bakery.

The Collingswood bread artisans specialize in french loaves and pastries. I picked up a slender multigrain baguette, along with the aforementioned croissant, and a sticky peach tart. The syrupy glaze dripped through the bag. I think it's pathetic that I think back to Paris whenever I judge pastry, like some lovesick little girl named Madeleine, but I do. I know there's an official french name for this not-quite-pie-tart-galette, but I've lost it.

My rarest find of the day was Banana Lemon Butter from S&S Kitchens. Even banana butter would have seduced me, but try to sell me the odd coupling of bananas and lemons? I'm yours. I gave my baguette wand an encouraging look.

"The bananas made it too sweet, so I added lemon," baker Sue Totino explained.

The aroma was so enticing that I knew it'd be good. The consistency was more jam-like than apple butter. It would make a perfect topping for waffles, pancakes, and breakfast breads. Spread onto simple bread, which cut the sweetness, I was fully convinced.

Every Sunday at Headhouse Square, 10 AM-2 PM, 2nd & Lombard

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