Saturday, May 10, 2008

Update: Black Truffle Lentils or Tofu Pierre?

Beer Lass has the menu for Jose Pistola's Vegetarian Beer Dinner, which shows us two things:

The meatless pairings are largely uninspired and come across as a money-saving way for Iron Hill and Pistola's to lean out to the lacto-ovo veg drinker. That'd be me.

Vegans should spring for the Pierre Robert Wine Dinner at Horizons. City Paper has revealed Rich Landau's dish for the evening: pan-roasted "tofu Pierre" with sautéed morel mushrooms and fava beans in white wine with fennel leek ravioli and potato ramp broth. Don't forget to try the Pierreno.

Both dinners are on Tuesday. Toss a coin if you must.

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