Saturday, May 17, 2008

Veg Out: Festivus

I started out in my nabe with the Italian Market festival, where free string cheese, skewered papaya, and music-blasting, street-blocking madness reigned hard. I ventured over to the Old City Sidewalk Stroll, which was a big, fat nothing, as expected, and hopped on the 5 bus. The driver made me smile more than once.

After shying away from the Kissing Booth and leafing through the Dead End Kids of Port Richmond at a bookstore table, I had an art-kid coma at the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby and Trenton Ave. Arts Festival. The only way I could ameliorate my mood was through a soy hot dog at the Viva Las Vegans truck.

The dog was a wonderful mess, a masterpiece from a man and his accent, who instructed me to come back for dessert. I meant to, but then I ran into vegan cookies. Pennsylvania's TreeVitalize program was selling bags of chocolate chip and donating the proceeds, so I fell into that. I was drawn over to Baked, a new micro-bakery in Fishtown that makes vegan cupcakes and cookies. They take orders and don't have a storefront, but their kitchen is on Susquehanna Ave., which tugged at my heart and set me up with some cinnamon raisins. Baked had the better product, naturally, with the addition of plump golden raisins in their batter. I don't even like cupcakes or cookies much, for that matter, but I can tell you what's what. Not to mention that it makes me happy to know there are at least two vegan bakers near my old grounds.

I know I've been a real bitch lately. But those GIANT CUPPIES! VEGANCUPCAKES!! PINK FROSTINGS$)(! CUPCAKERYyyyyY OHMYYUMM POWER TAKE OVER THE WORLD WITH MY EARTH BALANCE CAKE!! girls are like, somehow, worse.

I reject that world.

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