Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Veg Out: Little Havana

Or Old City, Philadelphia. Maybe I'll never get to you, Cuba, but I can brunch the part.

I've never considered dining at Cuba Libre. Admittedly, they don't have much to offer us. A glance at their Tropical Brunch menu for some CP research, and I was intrigued.

Cuban coffee with steamed coconut milk? Ay dios mio. The bread basket arrived with thin slices of crisp toast and mango butter. I almost didn't need my Huevos Enchilados after that.

I was expecting more of a wow factor with those huevos, but I've had better at dimly-lit pubs and taquerias where you just know that some 8-year-old kid is making your food in a basement where they hold live chickens. I didn't find it satisfying enough and I wasn't even hung over. My arepas were inconsistent, one was charred to a steadfast crisp that I could not knife through, the other was soft and cheesy and, most importantly, edible.

I felt like I was in Old City.

I was.

Great coffee, lukewarm everything else.

Cuba Libre, 10 S 2nd St,

And of course, the reason for being:

Top 5 Latin Brunches

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