Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Veg Out: The Sexy Green Truck

What is happening to roach-coach culture? There's now an organic food cart on Temple's campus, and it's called The Sexy Green Truck. I've always been pretty pleased with my school's veggie efforts (tofu tempanyaki, falafel, tofu wraps, veggie steaks & burgers, Qdoba, and my all-time fave: the grilled 3 cheese on potato bread at the Barnes & Noble Cafe), but none of them come across as healthy or conscious. I accept it and carry fruit with me (the fruit cart always has mealy, anti-delicious apples), or I feed off of the spirits of unbroken collegians.

Due to unfortunately-scheduled finals, I needed to refuel. I came across a new contender in the food cart wars. Painted green, the SGT teased me with iced green tea, organic salads and sandwiches, and cutesy wooden tables.

My red pepper hummus pita included bits of mozzarella, carrots, sprouts, tomatoes, and cucumbers. They also had a Green Sandwich, Tabbouleh Pita, and healthy-ish sides like Sweet Potato Crisps. Grub was cheap--$3.50 for a sandwich, $5 for a meal with a side and an iced tea. They only gave me one napkin--sustainability is hot stuff--but that was all I needed. Light, wholesome brain food that I could feel sexy about.