Thursday, June 19, 2008

Liquid On The Vedge

  • I recently acquired a new pet. It's an even-tempered 17.5 bar Gaggia Carezza espresso machine and we've been spending a lot of meaningful time together. It wasn't until today, though, that I executed a near-flawless drink with my complex Italian friend. Fine, he's not Blue Bottle's $20K Siphon Bar ($11 for a cup of the stuff) but give me time. I'm saving for one.
  • I'm a huge fan of Counter Culture Coffee, which is served at Spruce Street Espresso, the 11th & Spruce caffeine bank that I can't feverishly exclaim about enough. They do bi-weekly cuppings at Milkboy Coffee in Ardmore, but they'll be speaking Monday the 30th at Mugshots. Topic is Coffee Relationships (like the one I just started?) & Sustainability. OH. Check the flyer here.
  • Meet my new bartender, Barbara from Valanni. Her mojitos are so money. Not to mention her...this is not that kind of blog. She keeps a muddle in her back pocket. There's nothing like a badass with a great ass.

[From the Mojito Olympics at Rum Bar, Collin Flatt's camera skiyillz]

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